Jumat, 16 Juni 2017


Assalamualaikum wr,wb. Which I respect, Miss. Dini as the teacher of the English Course. Which I love, my all friends. First, let's pray and thank unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation. Ladies and gentlemen, in this good opportunity, I'm here to deliver a speech with the title "Appreciate the difference".
Ladies and gentlemen, what is "Appreciate the difference"? Appreciate is respect everything results or other people's property. Appreciating everyone is very important in this life. With giving appreciate for others, then they will do the same thing to us. Appreciate the difference should be applied in everyday life especially in our country. Indonesia is a nation that consists of diverse race, ethnicity, language and religion. There are some people who argue that the difference is an obligation because with there are the difference, then we can learn to know each other and have the characteristic of each people to be remembered.
In elementary school the teacher always taught not to impose their will. They teach us to appreciate the difference and life love each other. However, take a look at our country. There are many spreading issues about racial that can disturb the stability of our country. If this problem is ignored by government than our country will be destroyed from inside. To solve this problem, the government must begin fostering the appreciate of the difference between Indonesian's people. Besides that, every parent should teach tolerance to their children. The tolerance is very important if we're facing a difference. With trying to give the tolerance to a problem, then we can avoid the worst situation that can happen.
The end of my speech is that I want to affirm that the difference is not a bad thing. So, we can't ignore other people because of the different and the most important things is don't be easily provoked by racial issues. As the next generation, let us increase the appreciate the difference and make Indonesia towards to a bright future. Thank you.

My Future Business : Study Cafe

I love to read very much. So from junior high school I always want to build a library. I often imagine to spend time in my library and making money from lending books. However, I realized that from lending book can't give a huge profit. So, I try to develop my idea with mix a library with café. The final result from my idea is I want to build a Study Cafe. In this café many students can come to just hang out or finish their assignment in here.

Nowadays, every student needs a place that can make their study comfortably. There are two types of student in study and finish their assignment. The first type, they need to study in group with accompaniment of music or with many activities that can they do (like eat, drink, talking each other, etc.). The second type, they aren't comfortable in crowded places and they need to study in group with quiet place so they can focus to finish their assignment. For this problem, there are two types room in my café. The first one is outside room. In this room, the customer can hang out with their friends and do their assignment. The second room is inside room. The customer can order a room to making their assignment or just study with their friends.

In addition to providing two types of room, I will also provide some facilities to support their study. The facilities are a bar to buy foods or drinks, various type of books, Wi-Fi, toilet, a lot of terminal cable, and classic furniture to make a comfortable atmosphere to study of just to hang out. This is my future business. I hope I can realize it. Thank you.


                Nowadays, an email account is very important. Why ? Because a lot of android smartphone is support by google. As an andoid user, we must have a google account for access the Play Store. The solution to get a google account is to create an email for gmail. In this tutorial I give the example with screenshoot image. Here  are the step to creat email for gmail that I made as much detail as possible :

1. Open the settings menu on the phone screen.

2. Scroll down until you meet Account.

3. Look at the picture below and select “add account”.

4. Select the “Google” menu in your phone.

5. Once selected it will appear the first step to register email. Select “Or create a new account” to make google account.

6. Fill in the name of each available field. You can write the name that you like, you don’t have use the real names for it. Select next.

7. Then the next step is complete the data of birth and sex. Select next.

8. In this step, you can create your username with your style. Select next.

9.After that summit your password. There are 3 type password that are too weak, weak and strong. Make sure you make a strong password with combining numbers, letters and symbols. Select Next.

10. In this step you can choose to add your phone number or not. You can choose your country and fill the filed with your phone number if you want to adding your phone number or select skip if you don’t want.

11. In the Privacy and Term you can read all of it,  but if you too lazy to read just scrool down and select “I Agree”.

12. Confirm the username and  password  you created. If you comfortbale  with the username and password  just press back in you phone button but if you sure then select next to continue. The application  will load. This is the sign that google serve is receiving  new email registration. Please wait. If the loading is finish, go no gmail application and see your email.

                       That’s all the step to create an email for gmail. For your information, this email account aslo being you google account so you can use all  google service.

Kamis, 08 Juni 2017

A Reliable Facial Sketcher !!!

I come back! Well, today I want to share about my friend's skill. Let me introduce her. Her complete name is Estu Apriliana. Let's call her Estu. I first met her in a campus activity in 2013. I know Estu as a chief of consumption department at campus event. Not only good at cooking, she is very talented in drawing. She has a high artistic soul in herself. I saw many of her paintings. It's very cool! For this writing assignment for this week, I choose Estu to be my source of information.

F          : When did you start liking to draw?

E          : Well, I started to love drawing since childhood.

F          : Have you ever tried to start a business with that drawing skill?

E          : Yes, I have. Sometimes I sell it to my friends.

F          : Wow, really? How much is the price given for each painting you have made?

E          : Honestly in standard price, I sold it for 200 thousand rupiah to each picture, but for every my close friend I just sold it for 100 thousand rupiah to each picture

F          : I see, then I want to know, what kind of picture that you sell?

E          : I specialize in drawing facial sketches.

F         : Do you have someone who becomes an inspirational figure who likes to draw facial sketches?

E          : No, I don’t.

F          : Do you have any tips for friends out there who also want to be good at drawing?

E          : Em, I think as long as you have ambition and always practice then it will be fine because Every hard work will pay off.

F          : It is a wise answer! Okay, it is a last question. Are you going to make your talent as a main job in the future?

E          : It’s hard to answer. I love to drawing, but it will be difficult to make the money from drawing. Besides that, drawing is the way to relieve my stress so I think it can’t be my main job, but just my side job.

Well, those are the end of our interview. In this posting, I would also like to show you're a picture that Estu made :

Selasa, 18 April 2017

FIFTH WEEK (MARCH 31th, 2017)

This week was the last meeting before mid test. Miss. Dini repeated our lesson and gived several synonym. Th synonyms that I got are :

·         Believe                 = faith
·         Arrived                 = turn up
·         Compares             = appeal
·         Code                   = password
·         Different             = diverse
·         Kind                    = type
·         Personal               = private
·         Large                   = great
·         Companies          = business
·         University           = collage
·         Develop              = expand
·         Rapidly               = quickly
·         Cost                    = fee
·         System               = method
·         Fallen                 = quiet
·         Increased            = up
·         Few                     = several
·         Richer                 = wealthy
·         Take over            = requisition
·         Beginning           = start
·         Potential             = diverse
·         Duties                 = job
·         Possible              = likely
·         Power                 = energy
·         Cheap                 = low

·         Powerful             = able

FOURTH WEEK (MARCH 24th, 2017)


                At this week, I was given the task for making a conversations with may partner about "Making A Robot".

Fajar    : We will make a robot in the future, right ? What should we make ? Have an idea ?

Fitri     : Well, I think a robot that can protecting ourselfe is recommended because nowadays the criminals happened in everywhere.

Fajar    : it’s a good idea. By the way, what the features of the robot ?

Fitri     : The features of robots are it have martial art skill, ability to protect from hacking and a navigation system. It also have high computer system so it can solve any problem quickly.

Fajar    : Is it just for protecting ? are there any else that it can do ?

Fitri     : As a robot that protecting its owner, It’s not only be a bodyguard robot but it also can be a housekeeper robot, maybe ?

Fajar    : How it will communicate ?

Fitri     : The robot can communicate by detecting voices and respon the question so this robot has been in program that can respond the conversation like human.

Fajar    : Wow, it sound great! So, we can make a humanoid robot. It will look like real human that have skin on all body. It also have muscle that make it look strong. Emm, I think it woul be cool if it can change its clothes by itself and the costumer can order the shape of face and hair of the robot such as owner like.

Fitri     : Yeah, we can call the robot “Safetron” and sell this robot for one billion,maybe ?

Fajar    : Ok, I like it. It will be coolest robot ever!

THIRD WEEK (MARCH 17th, 2017)

Assalamualaikum. Hi everyone! I know, it late to post my resume for my English course. Sorry for that, but I tried my best to still do my duty. In the third week, we got online class. I should answer a simply listening test about Harry Potter. This is my answer:

1.      Q : What is Harry Potter ?
A : Harry Potter is 7th series fantasy novel written by J.K Rowling.
1.      Q : How many best friends does Harry Potter have ? Mention their name!
A : Harry Potter have 2 best friends, They are  Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger.
2.      Q : What happened on June 30, 1997 ?
A : Harry Potter was first released on  June 30, 1997.
3.      Q : According to Rowling, what is the main theme of Harry Potter ?
A : According to Rowling, there was primarily considered to be work of childrens literature and many other things in the series, such as love and prejudice.